Prior Seasons of the Healthy Skeptic, MD

Season 2

How to Ensure Dietary Supplements are Safe with Dr. Pieter Cohen

Simplifying Healthcare Through National Health Insurance with Drs. Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein

Do Patients with Heart Disease Get Too Many Stents? With Dr. David Maron

How One School Leader Safely Kept Her School Open During the Pandemic

Finding the “Sweet Spot” for Controlling Pain in Children with Dr. Lorraine Kelley-Quon

Screening for Breast Cancer Past, Present and Future with Dr. Christoph Lee

Is a Glass of Wine a Day Healthy? With Dr. Ken Mukamal

Which Genetic Tests Are Ready for Prime Time? (And Some COVID-19 Musings) with Dr. Vinay Prasad

Rooting Out Bad Incentives in Medicine with MedPage Today’s Kristina Fiore

Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Tonsil Surgery and Ear Tubes in Children with Dr. Nina Shapiro

Is it Necessary to Get Routine Annual Labs? with Dr. Steven Hochman

Should I Take a Daily Cholesterol Medication to Protect my Healthy? with Dr. Rita Redberg

Season 1

Older Adults and COVID: Juggling Safety and Psychological Health with Dr. Jay Bhatt

Can’t We Get Schools Open Safely? With Dr. Jessica Hochman

The Arc of Healthcare Improvement is Long but it Bends Towards Progress with Dr. Kedar Mate

COVID 101 with Dr. Pieter Cohen

Healthcare for Those Without a Roof Over Their Heads

Protecting Patients from Our Healthcare System

Bringing “Radical Common Sense” to Healthcare with Dr. Sachin Jain

The Secret Life of Pharmacists with Dr. Steve Chen

Recalibrating Our Response to COVID-19 with Dr. Joe Ladapo

A University President’s Take on U.S. Healthcare, with Dr. John Schumann

Are There Downsides to Cancer Screening? with Gilbert Welch, MD

Telehealth and the Future of Primary Care with Drs. Paul Hyman and Sirisha Mohan

Talking COVID and ending the shutdown safely with Dr. David Katz

Talking Palliative Care with Best Selling Author Katy Butler

COVID-19 with Dr. Brad Spellberg

Healthy Skeptic MD Podcast Trailer

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