“Slow Medicine” with Dr. Elena Hill

American medicine is fast-paced, high tech and aggressive, but it does not consistently produce excellent outcomes. In the U.S., life expectancy, maternal mortality and patient satisfaction, among other indicators, compare poorly to those in many other nations. My guest today — Dr. Elena Hill, a family physician at the Bronxcare Health System in New YorkContinue reading ““Slow Medicine” with Dr. Elena Hill”

The Latest COVID-19 Surge and Children

Anyone following the news has probably seen the alarming headlines about the recent COVID-19 surge and children. Pediatric hospitals – particularly in southern states – have been filling up. Could this mean that the delta strain is more aggressive than prior strains in kids? Let’s not panic quite yet, says today’s guest, Pediatrician Dr. JessicaContinue reading “The Latest COVID-19 Surge and Children”

Dr. Drew’s Take on COVID-19 and Caring for the Homeless

Description: Dr. Drew Pinksy — better known simply as “Dr. Drew” — is one of the best known media doctors in the nation. But unlike some other “TV doctors”, he has spent decades working on the front lines with patients. In fact, he has dedicated his medical career to the care of one of theContinue reading “Dr. Drew’s Take on COVID-19 and Caring for the Homeless”

Unpacking the Homeless Crisis with John Maceri

John Maceri has spent his career working with those experiencing homelessness. He now leads “The People Concern”, one of the largest social services agencies in the western United States. In today's episode, he makes the case that homelessness is a solvable issue — we just need the political will to fix it. **Be sure toContinue reading “Unpacking the Homeless Crisis with John Maceri”

Dr. Pedro “Joe” Greer on his “Forrest Gump” Career Serving the Poor

Growing up in the deep south and facing the challenges of discrimination, Joe Greer’s journey to medical school – and ultimately to the inner health policy circles of the George H. Bush and Clinton administrations – might have seemed unlikely. But his journey getting there was fascinating, and in the process he established one ofContinue reading “Dr. Pedro “Joe” Greer on his “Forrest Gump” Career Serving the Poor”

Preparing Doctors for the Future with Dr. Mark Schuster

In 2020, Kaiser Permanente launched a new medical school in Southern California – the Kaiser Permanente Bernard J. Tyson School of Medicine. Dr. Mark Schuster was charged with leading this new school, in his role as the Founding Dean and CEO. In today’s episode, Dr. Schuster talks about why doctors of the future may requireContinue reading “Preparing Doctors for the Future with Dr. Mark Schuster”

Loneliness and its Health Effects

Loneliness correlates more strongly with health outcomes than many other traditional risk factors, such as tobacco use and high cholesterol. In today’s episode, Julianne Holt-Lunstad, PhD, a Professor Psychology at Brigham Young University and Lisbeth Briones-Roberts, the Chief Togetherness Officer for SCAN Health Plan, talk about the problem and what to do about it. AlsoContinue reading “Loneliness and its Health Effects”

What’s on the Horizon for Dementia Care? (And the FDA’s Decision on Adalizumab) with Dr. Jason Karlawish

In his new book The Problem of Alzheimer’s, Dr. Jason Karlawish from the Penn Memory Center traces the history of a condition that impacts nearly 6 million Americans at a cost of more than $225 billion annually. These numbers may triple over the next decade. In today’s episode, Dr. Karlawish discusses potential breakthroughs in theContinue reading “What’s on the Horizon for Dementia Care? (And the FDA’s Decision on Adalizumab) with Dr. Jason Karlawish”

The Joys of Caring for Older Adults with Dr. Laura Mosqueda

Older adults often have a more holistic perspective on the world than younger people. In today’s episode, Geriatrician Dr. Laura Mosqueda – a Professor of Family Medicine and the former Dean of the Keck School of Medicine of USC – talks about why she loves caring for older adults. She also discusses policy changes thatContinue reading “The Joys of Caring for Older Adults with Dr. Laura Mosqueda”