COVID-19 with Dr. Brad Spellberg

COVID-19 is at the top of our collective minds, so I brought the big questions to Dr. Brad Spellberg, Infectious Disease expert and Chief Medical Officer at the largest public hospital in California. He tells me what it’s been like running a hospital during this once-a-century event. We also get into testing, masks, what the USA did right, what the USA did wrong, kids & Covid, reinfection, and where we go from here.

We also discuss Brad’s new book, Broken, Bankrupt, and Dying: How to Solve the Great American Healthcare Rip-off, which is a fascinating look at the American healthcare system through the eyes of a savvy healthcare leader. Buy it here.

–Healthy Skeptic MD is a podcast hosted by Primary Care Physician Dr. Michael Hochman. We believe that although modern medicine is amazing, there’s always room for improvements!

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